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No matter how advanced a machine in your workplace is, what about everything around it? Is there enough light? Do you and your colleagues have everything within reach? And also important: do you have enough protection? The best work environment is one where the employee has everything he or she needs. That is exactly what we offer you with our workplace optimisation services. 

One provider for everything

Let us help you create a safe, efficient and comfortable workplace. We supply tools and processing machines, with our own technical service, among others. We import machines ourselves, maintain direct contact with manufacturers and stock parts. That works faster. More efficiently. And for you in particular more economically, thanks to one provider for a complete total package.

Save and reduce

Optimisation of your workplace doesn’t just improve processes, you also reduce the risk of production loss and accidents. Think for example of a transition from a wired to wireless workplace. Also, fewer wires means fewer checks, which saves costs. And do your employees work with multiple brands for the same tools? Uniformity of battery chargers, for example, or spare parts is cheaper and everyone knows where he or she stands. With our advice for standardisation you may also profit in that area. 

Start your optimisation

Discover the possibilities for your workplace and start with a free phone conversation with one of our workplace specialists. We will call you within one business day. Depending on your question, we will come by for an assessment. During that visit we will provide you with a price indication for a new machine for example. Our quote will follow after a few days. Contact us soon and we will be pleased to tell you more.

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In the fast changing world of industrial automation you like to stay informed. A training or expert-workshop would be logical, but the offer must correspond with what a programmer or service engineer wants to learn. Opt therefore for customised learning material, with one of more than 65 training packages provided by itsme Industrial Automation. You won’t so much learn from a trainer, but mainly from a technician. From somebody who knows your world and takes the practical as a starting point.
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    Siemens TIA Portal V16
    With the new TIA Portal V16 \(Totally Integrated Automation Portal\), Siemens has expanded its engineering framework with practical new functions for various phases from planning, to engineering, to commissioning. The innovations concentrate on the continuous integration of the development process. These include standardization, integrated engineering spread across teams and an integrated function test. This enables users to increase the quality of their software, shorten commissioning times and reduce engineering costs.
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    Rittal AX KX
    The new AX and KX are embedded within digital processes, making for simpler, faster assembly and component installation, greater flexibility and enhanced safety. Rittal has therefore rethought and redesigned this offering in line with the imperatives of Industry 4.0. Digital transformation brings new challenges in terms of the product itself, its operating environment and its availability. This launch marks the digital transformation of a standardised product that has been made by Rittal for more than 50 years: Over 35 million units of the AE have been manufactured, making it the most popular compact enclosure in the world.
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